Free LCSW Practice Test

Ready to see how prepared you are for the official ASWB LCSW exam? Take our free LCSW practice test below for 10 challenging questions. Please note that these questions do reflect the DSM-5 updates.

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1. Substance-Induced Major Neurocognitive Disorder is best characterized by which of the following?
2. You ask the parents of two children what their parenting style is. The mother informs you that they have established rules for their children in which they have explained why they have established said rules. The mother continues by stating that if one of their children does not follow a rule, they discuss the importance behind the rule and why it shouldn’t be broken. Which of the following parenting styles is being used?
3. If a client is diagnosed with anxiety, which medication will he/she most likely be taking?
4. A 32-year-old man has a history of homosexual activities in earlier life that he has carefully concealed in order to marry and father much-wanted children. He becomes involved in a variety of parent association-sponsored activities at his child’s school; he perceives many of the fathers who are fellow participants as being attracted to him, and often makes comments to his wife indicating he believes those men have “homosexual tendencies.” The defense mechanism evidenced in this situation is:
5. While at the grocery store, you run into a client that you successfully terminated a year ago. You learn that the client has started his own pool cleaning business and you are in need of someone to open your pool for the summer, so you hire him to open your pool. How is this situation best described?
6. A social worker is served with a subpoena issued by a criminal court judge relating to a former client which specifies that a full copy of the client’s record must be submitted to the court with a summons for the social worker to appear to be available for testimony. Which of the following actions must the social worker take in this situation?
7. Medications initially developed to treat seizure disorders (epilepsy), such as Depakote, Tegretol, and Lamictal, have been also found to have efficacy as:
8. Ethnographic interviewing would be the most appropriate research technique to use:
9. A 10-year-old child is ready to be dismissed from the hospital. A hospital social worker is coordinating the child’s discharge plan because the child was admitted with signs of physical abuse. The child’s mother denies abuse and the child is requesting to return home with her mother. To which of the following factors should the social worker give the highest priority?
10. Which theorist is affiliated with the extended family systems theory?